Science Series

2023 Seminar Schedule

Nov.21th Hwayeon Cha   Investigating Peripheral Mechanisms of Mechanical Itch Sensitization in Chronic Itch

Sep.19th Jeonghyun Eom   Oral history and Public memory focus on Asian American Archive*

Aug.19th Summer BBQ   Island Park

July. 18th Anna Park   Mitochondrial matrix protein LETMD1 maintains thermogenic capacity of brown adipose tissue in male mice

Jun. 20th Soo Lee     Structural changes in NOTCH3 induced by CADASIL mutations: role of cysteine and non-cysteine alterations 

May. 23rd Hankyu Lee   Identification of a novel spinal circuit for cool sensation

Apr. 18th Kyung No Son   Using Histatins to Treat Ocular Surface Diseases

Mar. 21st       Yung Su Kim                    Rap1 controls epiblast morphogenesis in sync with the pluripotency states transition

Feb. 21st Yusoo Lee                        Characterization and Modeling of Early EML4-ALK dependent lung tumorigenesis

Jan. 24th Kookhee Ryu                   Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Resolves Molecular Relationships Among Individual Plant Cells 

2022 Seminar Schedule

Sep. 20th        Soo Lee                           Concentration of non-myocyte proteins in arterial media of cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy 

Aug. 13th       Summer BBQ                  Island Park 

July. 26th       Hankyu Lee                     Spinal Circuit that Transmits Innocuous Cool Sensations

June. 21st      Hanbyul Cho                   Murine Prostate Luminal Epithelial Diversity Captured by Single Cell RNA Sequencing

May. 17th       Yeji Kim   Dietary cellulose prevents gut inflammation by modulating lipid metabolism and gut microbiota

Apr. 19th        Se Ra Park                       Expression and In Vitro Function of Anti-Breast Cancer Llama-Based Single Domain Antibody VHH Expressed in Tobacco Plants 

Mar. 15th Yusoo Lee   The Roles of HIFs in Pancreatic tumor and Tumor microenvironments under Hypoxia 

Feb. 15th Eungjin Ahn    Developing a Graphene-based Cryo-EM Grids for Structural Determination 

Jan. 18th Wonjin Yoo   Impact on vesicular trafficking of the E3 Ubiquitin ligase MARCH2 and the LMP-inducing drug JS-K 

2021 Seminar Schedule

Dec. 21th        KBM Annual party

Nov. 16th        Eunkyeong Choi               

Oct. 19th        EunGi Kim                         Combinatorial treatment with menin and FLT3 inhibitors induces complete remission in AML models with activating FLT3 mutations

Sep. 21th       Soo Jung Lee                    Hydrolysis of a second Asp-Pro site at the N-terminus of NOTCH3 in inherited vascular dementia

Aug. 28th KBM BBQ                           County Farm Park; 3pm

Jul. 20th Hyun Gi Yun                      Overview of Pharmacokinetic Modeling and Simulation  

Jun. 22th Joonyeup Lee             Encoding of sound history and salience in the auditory cortex

May. 18th Sungwook Hwang   대장질환의 임상: Large intestine disease

Apr. 20th Seokjo Kim     How to develop my career in US: Academia & Industry 

Mar. 16th Charles Park     Lipid-based vaccine nanoparticles for induction of humoral immune responses against HIV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 

Feb. 16th Chan Chung   소아 뇌실막세포종에서 새로운 유전자의 역할

Jan. 19th Janggun Jo   Photoacoustic Functional Imaging for Cancer Study

2020 Seminar list

Nov. Seulbi Lee (Ph.D.) Exposure to multiple pollutants during pregnancy and risk of atopic dermatitis in infants: Korean prospective birth cohort study

Oct. Chan Chung (Ph.D.) Integrated Metabolic and Epigenomic Reprograming by H3K27M Mutations in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas

Sep. Hayeon Sung (Ph.D.) Heterogeneity in the Drosophila gustatory receptor complexes that detect aversive compounds

Aug. Yun Suk Lee (M.S.) Bacterial calcium carbonate precipitation and its application for self-healing concrete

Feb. Semin Kim (Ph.D.) Surface modification of bio-electrodes for the improvement of their biocompatibility and performance

Jan. EunGi Kim (Ph.D.) Menin inhibitor MI-3454 induces remission in MLL1-rearranged and NPM1-mutated models of leukemia